Figure 2.

Chronogram of the Mustelidae based on Bayesian analysis. Posterior values of branch lengths and divergence times (in millions of years) were estimated using 28.5 MYA as the root age prior and 24 MYA as the minimum age for the crown group, the GTR + I + G model of DNA substitution and the uncorrelated lognormal relaxed molecular clock model (rate of each branch is sampled independently from a lognormal distribution, with rates assumed to be uncorrelated among branches). Nodes are numbered as in Figure 1 and posterior estimates of mean and 95% HPD of divergence times are presented in Table 2. Bars represent 95% HPD around mean estimates of divergence times. Vertical green bars indicate two bursts of diversification. Geological time scale is shown at bottom.

Koepfli et al. BMC Biology 2008 6:10   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-6-10
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