Figure 4.

Examples of predicted ncRNAs: genomic context, tiling array pattern and predicted consensus structure. The color scheme used for coloring the RNA structures and the mountain plots representation is the same as in Figure 2. (a) and (b) Intergenic region with predicted RNA overlaps with transcripts described by David et al [9]. Note, that in (b) the sequence for sacKud.contig1979/20479-20583 is truncated (a stretch of seven gaps in the 3' end of the stem, which is not compensated by the deletions in the 5' part of the stem), which probably renders an unusable RNA due to an altered secondary structure. (c) Intergenic region with predicted RNA overlaps with promoter associated transcript described by Samanta et al [7]. (d) Predicted H/ACA snoRNA, overlapping with transcripts described by both David et al [7] and Davis et al [8].

Steigele et al. BMC Biology 2007 5:25   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-5-25
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