Figure 7.

Quantitative analysis of BAT-gal reporter expression in Pygo1/Pygo2 E18.5 kidney extracts. Transgene-specific beta-galactosidase was quantified by ELISA analysis. Pygo1+/-/Pygo2+/+, Pygo1+/-/Pygo2+/- and Pygo1+/-/Pygo2+/+ kidneys all showed similar levels of BAT-gal expression. In the Pygo2 hetereozygote, Pygo1 homozygous mutants, however, reporter expression was reduced by about 50%. In Pygo2 homozygous mutants BAT-gal expression was uniformly low, with or without wild-type Pygo1 alleles. Each experimental group included a sample size of at least four.

Schwab et al. BMC Biology 2007 5:15   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-5-15
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