Figure 2.

Temporal expression of SpCBFβ. (A) Northern blot of total RNA from egg, morula, blastula, and gastrula stage embryos probed with SpCBFβ. The ethidium bromide stained rRNA bands from the same gel are shown as a loading control. (B) Temporal expression of SpCBFβ as measured by RT-PCR. (C) Immunoblot of equivalent amounts of total protein from egg (E), morula (M), early blastula (EB), mesenchyme blastula (MB), early gastrula (EG), late gastrula (LG) and pluteus stage (P), probed with antibodies to either SpCBFβ or SLBP (a positive control for the presence of intact protein in the egg and early embryo extracts).

Robertson et al. BMC Biology 2006 4:4   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-4-4
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