Figure 7.

Co-immunoprecipitation of Hsp104 with AβMRF. Lysates of sup35Δ cells with (WT) or without (Δ) HSP104, expressing non-tagged NMRF, HA-tagged MRF, or HA-tagged AβMRF, were incubated with anti-HA antibodies immobilized on agarose beads. Co-precipitated proteins were eluted and analyzed by immunoblotting with anti-RF and anti-Hsp104 antibodies. Hsp104 co-immunoprecipitated with AβMRF, but not with MRF. Non-HA-tagged NMRF was used as a control for non-specific binding to anti-HA antibodies.

Bagriantsev and Liebman BMC Biology 2006 4:32   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-4-32
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