Figure 4.

Deletion of HSP104 decreases the total amount of AβMRF and reduces the proportion of oligomers. (A) AβMRF or Aβm2MRF were expressed in a sup35Δ strain in the presence (WT) or absence (Δ) of HSP104. Equal amounts of lysate proteins were treated with 1% SDS and analyzed by immunoblotting with anti-RF antibodies following electrophoresis in agarose. Equal protein loading was confirmed by coomassie staining of the membrane (not shown). (B) The effects of HSP104 deletion on the total amount of AβMRF and the ratio between oligomers and monomers from panel A were evaluated by densitometry. The height of the bars reflects total amount of AβMRF relative to that in HSP104 WT cells (error bars: s.e., n = 3). Each bar is subdivided according to the content of oligomers (open) and monomers (shaded) of AβMRF (± s.e., n = 3). The deletion of HSP104 decreased the total amount of AβMRF and decreased the ratio of oligomers to monomers.

Bagriantsev and Liebman BMC Biology 2006 4:32   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-4-32
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