Figure 2.

Localisation of Myo1-GFP and deletion mutants in wild type and myo1 null yeast strains. Budding yeast strains (MYO1 and myo1Δ) were transformed with Myo1 constructs tagged with GFP as shown here schematically. Fluorescence microscopy was used to quantify the number of fluorescent bud necks as a percentage of the total number of bud neck and these numbers are given on the right. Fluorescence microscopy images of budding yeast cells labeled with Myo1-GFP and MLD-GFP are shown below the localisation percentages. Scale bar denotes 5 μm.

Lister et al. BMC Biology 2006 4:19   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-4-19
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