Figure 5.

Sequence conservation among streptophyte MatK proteins. The MatK sequences of selected green algae and land plants were aligned with T-COFFEE [40] and arranged into two separate groups. Identical amino acids in all the sequences examined are displayed on a black background, whereas identical amino acids in all the green algal or land plant sequences are shown on a dark grey background. In each group, sets of residues sharing eight of the 10 features in the property matrix of AMAS [41] are shown on a light grey background. The accession numbers for the MatK sequences analyzed are as follows: Zygnema, [GenBank:AY958086]; Staurastrum, [GenBank:AY958085]; Chaetosphaeridium, [GenBank:NC_004115]; Chara connivens, [GenBank:AY170442]; Nitella opaca, [GenBank:AY170449]; Marchantia, [GenBank:NC_001319]; and Physcomitrella patens [GenBank:NC_005087].

Turmel et al. BMC Biology 2005 3:22   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-3-22
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