Figure 1.

Display of features on rice chromosomes 11 and 12. Using a false-color display, we plotted features present on rice chromosomes 11 and 12. Select genetic markers are plotted with their cM positions noted; physical gaps are plotted with the centromere gap noted in red; gene density (GD) is plotted in two tracks (all genes and non-TE-related genes); expression density is determined by aligment to ESTs; transposable element (TE) density is plotted with a separate track for MITEs; tRNAs are the transfer RNAs, and the CP and MT represent chloroplast and mitochondrial insertions.

The Rice Chromosomes 11 and 12 Sequencing Consortia* BMC Biology 2005 3:20   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-3-20
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