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Attenuation of Id2/3 activities causes precocious differentiation of myocytes in myotome. (A-C) Dorsal views of whole mount segments. (A) Cells treated with control dsRNA against LacZ are still located within the lateral DM (arrows) 16 hours post-electroporation whereas cells that received dsRNA against Id2/3 had already differentiated into myofibers (B, arrows). (C) Co-transfection of Id2/3 along with dsRNAs to Id2/3 rescues the knock-down phenotype, as cells fail to differentiate into fibers (arrows) and instead migrate ventro-laterally (arrowhead). (D-D”) Transverse section 40 hours post-electroporation showing that Id2/3 over-expression rescues the Id2/3 knock-down phenotype (N = 5). (D’,D”) High magnification of the inset in D showing the cardinal vein exhibiting co-localization of a labeled cell with SM markers, desmin and SMA. Endothelial cells were visualized with the Qh1 antibody (blue). (E) Quantification (mean ± SEM) of labeled cell distribution (N = 16 for control; N = 19 for Id2/3; N = 5 for dsRNA Id2/3; N = 5 for dsRNA Id2/3 + Id2/3). *P ≤0.05; **P ≤0.01. Bar: (D) 100 μm; (D’,D”) 12.5 μm. CV, cardinal vein; Des, desmin; dsRNA, double-stranded RNA; M, myotome; SEM, standard error of the mean; SMA, smooth muscle actin.

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Applebaum et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:53   doi:10.1186/s12915-014-0053-9