Additional file 8: Figure S8.

Analysis of Notch vesicle co-localization with Rab11. In awd mutant cells, Notch does not accumulate in Rab11-positive endosomes. Stage 7–8 egg chambers were dissected from hs-flp/GbeSu(H)m8-lacZ; act-Gal4, UAS-GFP/+; FRT82B, act-Gal80/FRT82B, awdj2A4 females and stained for NICD and Rab11. Co-localization was analyzed by using ImageJ. The mean values (n = 4) of Pearson’s coefficients for NICD and Rab11 in awd+ and awd mutant cells were plotted together with standard deviations (error bars) (A). Statistical significance was calculated using the two-tailed paired t-test (N.S. = Not Significant). (A’) Co-localization image of NICD and Rab11 based on the analysis of awd mutant cells and neighboring awd+ cells showed in Figure  6D.

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Ignesti et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:12   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-12-12