Figure 3.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the right inner ear and swim bladder extension of E. maculatus. Reconstructions are based on high-resolution (voxel size 9.8 μm isotropic) microCT imaging (A-C) and histological serial sections (voxel size x = y = 2.31 μm; z = 5 μm) (D-G) shown in ventral (A, D), right lateral (B, E), medial (C, F), and postero-lateral (G) views. In (G), semicircular canals are not shown for reasons of clarity. a, anterior; asc, anterior semicircular canal; cm, connective material; d, dorsal; hsc, horizontal semicircular canal; lag, lagena; lago, lagenar otolith; m, medial; ml, macula lagenae; ms, macula sacculi; mu, macula utriculi; prec, recessus situated posterior to the utricle; psc, posterior semicircular canal; sac, saccule; saco, saccular otolith; sb, swim bladder; utr, utricle; utro, utricular otolith. Scale bars, 500 μm. microCT, microtomography.

Schulz-Mirbach et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:75   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-75
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