Figure 5.

The evolution of RNA editing level across angiosperms. (A) Inferred gains (blue) and losses (red) of RNA editing sites using Dollo parsimony. The total number of edited sites determined across an alignment of 30,327 bp and 38 protein genes is listed next to each taxon. The proportion of missing data due to gene loss or lack of cDNA sequence is shown in brackets. The number of edit sites unique to Liriodendron, based on this current sample of angiosperms with empirically determined RNA editing data, is shown in parentheses. Parsimony cannot distinguish whether these sites were gained in the Liriodendron lineage, or present ancestrally and lost on the branch leading to the rest of the angiosperms (thus, no losses are noted on that branch as well). (B) Edit sites partitioned by whether they occur at a nonsynonymous or synonymous position in the codon. Edit sites in codons with multiple edits or where Liriodendron encoded a G or A were omitted in the partitioned data; therefore, the partitioned sites sum to less than the total number of sites in the study. ‘Silene’ is S. latifolia.

Richardson et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:29   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-29
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