Figure 2.

Ovaries of Amhr2-Cre/+;Notch2flox/- mice contain multi-oocyte follicles that become hemorrhagic. (A, C, E) Littermate controls; (B, D, F) Amhr2-Cre/+;Notch2flox/- mutants. (A, B) Multi-oocyte follicles were present in 3-week-old Amhr2-Cre/+;Notch2flox/- female mice (B. arrowheads). (C-F) Follicles in Amhr2-Cre/+;Notch2flox/- females became hemorrhagic by approximately 7 weeks of age (D, F, arrows).

Xu and Gridley BMC Biology 2013 11:13   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-13
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