Figure 1.

Generation of mice with ovary-specific Notch2 gene deletion. (A) Breeding scheme to generate mice with ovary-specific Notch2 gene deletion using the Amhr2-Cre driver line. (B, C) Efficiency and specificity of recombination of the Notch2flox allele by the Amhr2-Cre driver. (B) Southern-blot analysis of genomic DNA from ovaries obtained from: (lane 1) Notch2flox/+;+/+ control (mouse has no Cre driver); (lane 2) Notch2flox/Notch2null;Amhr2-Cre/+ mutant; (lanes 3 and 4), two individual Notch2flox/+;Amhr2-Cre/+ mice (heterozygous for the Notch2flox allele). All mice were four to five weeks old. (C) Southern blot of ovary and spleen DNA to test the specificity and efficiency of Amhr2-Cre-mediated recombination. DNA was isolated from two individual Notch2flox/+;Amhr2-Cre/+ control mice (heterozygous for the Notch2flox allele) at 9 weeks of age. There was almost complete deletion of the Notch2flox allele in ovary DNA, but not in spleen DNA. Note that the band resulting from Cre-mediated recombination (labeled 'Null') was present only in Amhr2-Cre/+ ovaries.

Xu and Gridley BMC Biology 2013 11:13   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-13
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