Figure 1.

Differentially translated genes in rpl24b and eif3h mutant Arabidopsis seedlings. (A) A total of 155 and 388 non-redundant genes with differential translation state (TL) (|Δlog2 translation state| ≥1.0, false discovery rate (FDR) <0.05) were identified in rpl24b and eif3h seedlings, respectively. The Roman numerals represent the four gene sets used in identifying differentially translated genes (DTGs), and three of the sets were first filtered by one or more methods. I = all Arabidopsis genes (n = 22,746) represented on GeneChip® ATH1 Genome Array; II = all genes with raw signal values detected above background or no 'A’ calls in at least 50% of arrays (n = 8 to 12); III = all genes with stable translation state (TL) in 12 wild-type 'replicate’ samples (n = 18,029 genes); IV = genes from set III that had a 'P/M’ call for each of 24 replicate arrays from wild-type seedlings. The number of DTGs from each of the gene sets is shown at the bottom, and the number in the non-redundant set is underlined on the right (total). (B,C) Venn diagrams showing the overlap in the number of DTGs from the four gene sets in (A) for rpl24b(B) and eif3h(C) datasets. The rate of false positives (FDR) in the total non-redundant set will be slightly higher than 0.05, due to the increase in the number of comparisons.

Tiruneh et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:123   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-123
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