Figure 7.

Basal cell numbers are decreased and Clara cell numbers are increased in the mutant mouse trachea. (A-B) Ciliated cell number was not altered in Sox9 knockout mouse tracheas. Staining for β-tubulin-IV on transverse section of wild-type and mutant mouse trachea was used to determine change in ciliated cell numbers. (G) The number of ciliated cells did not change in the mutant mouse trachea versus the wild-type mouse trachea. (C, D) Staining for P63 was used to confirm that the number of basal cells is decreased in the mutant mouse trachea. (E, F) CC10 marker staining was used to highlight the increase in Clara cell number in Sox9 mutant mouse trachea. (G-I) Cell count statistics. *P <0.03. Values are mean ± SD, n = 4. (J-M)Sox9Δ/Δ tracheas had a reduced number of goblet cells. (J, K) Immuno-fluorescence staining and (L) western blot for Agr2 protein were used to determine change in goblet cells after Sox9 knockout. Sox9 knockout resulted in reduced production of Agr2 by the tracheal epithelium, suggesting reduced numbers of goblet cells in the Sox9Δ/Δ trachea. (M) Intensity analysis of Western blot bands. **P < 0.05. Values are mean ± SD.

Turcatel et al. BMC Biology 2013 11:117   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-11-117
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