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List of samples from non-Orsay locations (indicated by sheet names: Santeuil, Ivry, Plougasnou, Le Blanc). Each sample identifier starts with a letter indicating the location (S, I, P, B, respectively). The table indicates the census and stages of C. elegans (Ce, green) and C. briggsae (Cb, red) individuals at different sampling dates. The number of individuals of a given species is indicated in brackets in the column 'Caenorhabditis species ID', expressed as a ratio over the total number of tested individuals. In the Santeuil 31 Oct 2011 data, horizontal lines group samples that were isolated immediately next to each other, for example soil, moss and/or leaf litter next to a rotting stem (or two adjacent stems). Only one large proliferating population was isolated on that day, in a rotting stem (S168). Note that the Plougasnou area has been previously repeatedly sampled (mostly compost, isopods, snails) in [7,9] and also only yielded C. elegans.

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FĂ©lix and Duveau BMC Biology 2012 10:59   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-59