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List of Orsay samples (orchard and woods), with census and stages of C. elegans (Ce, green), C. briggsae (Cb, red) and C. sp. 13 (blue) individuals. Each sheet corresponds to a sampling date. The number of individuals of a given species is indicated in brackets in the column 'Caenorhabditis species ID', expressed as a ratio over the total number of tested individuals. The samples are identified with the letter O for Orsay, followed by a number. Sample numbers are according to chronological order of sampling. D, dauer larva; ad, adult. For 6 and 14 October, the apple part is abbreviated with B = Bottom, I = Inside, S = Side, T = Top. Empty cells denote absence of Caenorhabditis species in the corresponding sample.

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FĂ©lix and Duveau BMC Biology 2012 10:59   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-59