Figure 4.

Comparison of HHARI RING2 with Parkin RING2. (a) Multiple sequence alignment of HHARI RING2 and Parkin RING2. Zn2+-liganding residues determined structurally for HHARI RING2 are denoted in yellow. Potential additional Zn2+ coordinating residues in Parkin as proposed by Rankin et al. [34] are highlighted in red. The active site cysteine is denoted by a double dagger. (b) The structure of HHARI RING2 displays Zn2+-liganding residues as yellow sticks. The active site cysteine is shown as orange sticks (PDB ID 1WD2). Sequences were aligned using CLUSTALW [44].

Wenzel and Klevit BMC Biology 2012 10:24   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-24
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