Figure 1.

Cnidocyte morphology and arrangement in H. magnipapillata. (A) A generalized schematic of the hydrozoan battery complex in cross-section. Stenotele cnidocytes (S) are flanked by isorhiza (I) and desmoneme (D) cnidocytes, as well as sensory cells (SC), which form synaptic connections with ganglion cells (G) that link each of the other cnidocyte cell types. (B-D) Confocal z-stacks of H. magnipapillata tentacle midsection (B) and tentacle bulbs (C and D). Neurons, including cnidocytes, are stained red (anti acetylated α-Tubulin) and nuclei are stained blue (DAPI). Musculature is shown in green (phalloidin) in (C and D). Axonal projections (arrow heads) link battery complexes that occur with regular periodicity along the length of the tentacle. Arrows indicate stenotele cnidocytes. (D) is an inset of (C). (A) Redrawn with permission from Westfall [36].

Plachetzki et al. BMC Biology 2012 10:17   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-17
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