Figure 11.

Phylogenetic relationships among Carnivora as inferred from a partitioned maximum likelihood supermatrix analysis. The tree includes all 229 carnivore species for which molecular sequence data from the 74 gene data sets were available from GenBank. Taxon names have been omitted for clarity and the orientation of the tree parallels that in Figure 2 as far as possible. Green branches indicate clades also occurring on the full matrix representation parsimony supertree, whereas red branches indicate conflicting clades; branch lengths do not reflect divergence times or amount of sequence divergence. Most of the conflict between the two trees derives from three unusual results from the supermatrix analysis: 1) a paraphyletic Vulpes nesting within Canini within Canidae, 2) a paraphyletic Mephitidae and Ailurus fulgens nesting within Procyonidae, and 3) a placement of Eira barbara away from Gulo + Martes and within Lutrinae.

Nyakatura and Bininda-Emonds BMC Biology 2012 10:12   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-12
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