Figure 5.

Effects of shh induced eye degeneration on VAB and SN number. (A) Bright field image (upper) and DASPEI-stained neuromasts (lower) in two-year-old adults that developed from shhA-mRNA injected surface fish embryos. The red dashes indicate the line of suborbital canal neuromasts in the head lateral line and the areas enclosed by the blue dashed lines indicate the SO-3 region. Scale bar in (lower panel of A) is 1.0 mm. (B-D) Regression analysis showing the relationship between eye diameter and (B) VAB level, (C) EO SN number and (D) SO-3 SN number in shhA-mRNA injected surface fish (gray dots) compared to uninjected surface fish (black dots). Linear regression line is shown in red. Eye degeneration did not result in the appearance of SN in the EO or increase VAB level in shh-overexpressed surface fish.

Yoshizawa et al. BMC Biology 2012 10:108   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-108
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