Table 2

Objectives and activities of the Community Health Team (CHT)



▪ To provide health education for prevention and to improve health seeking behaviour for main diseases, TB, HIV.

▪ Information sessions for population organised with the local authority (all)

▪ Information sessions for patients and their family (all)

▪ To detect and refer to the health centre suspected cases of TB, HIV related infections, malaria, diarrhoea, malnutrition.

▪ Visits to sick people (VCS)

▪ Providing first aid when necessary (VCS, ACS)

▪ Referral to health unit (VCS, ACS)

▪ Organisation of transport when necessary (VCS, ACS)

▪ Malnutrition screening (ACS)

▪ Meeting at HC level (all)

▪ To support adherence for TB and HIV treatment.

▪ HIV testing (planned for 2009)

▪ Distribution of TB treatment (VCS)

▪ Community DOT (VCS)

▪ Adherence support for patient and family (VCS)

▪ Tracing of defaulters (all)

▪ To decrease stigma of PLWHA.

▪ Promotion of HIV test (all)

▪ Information session (all)

▪ To enable family members to give basic care to their patient.

▪ Education offamily members (VCS)

▪ To increase institutional birth rate.

▪ Education session (TBA)

▪ Referral of pregnant women (TBA)

▪ To increase Vitamin A coverage.

▪ Vitamin A distribution to children under 5 (ACS)

N.B. Category of CHW to whom each task is allocated is indicated in brackets.

Simon et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2009 9:13   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-9-13

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