Table 1

Attitudes about people living with HIV/AIDS, community residents of kebeles, Arba Minch, Ethiopia
Blame or Shame:
HIV is a punishment from God for bad behavior 74% 22% 4%
People with HIV should be ashamed of themselves 36% 62% 2%
I would be ashamed to be seen in public with friend known to have AIDS 29% 71% 1%
I would not buy vegetables in the market from someone who had AIDS 27% 71% 2%
PLWH in our kebele would not be welcome in weddings or parties 15% 85%  < 1%
PLWH in our kebele would probably be abandoned or sent away by their spouse or family 18% 81% 1%
Support for PLWH:
If PLWH in our kebele, community should help socially support them 92% 6% 1%
If PLWH in our kebele, community should share responsibility for their care and treatment 87% 10% 3%
PLWH deserve our compassion and support 94% 4% 3%

Abbreviations: PLWH: Person living with HIV/AIDS; DK = Don’t know.

Lifson et al.

Lifson et al. BMC International Health and Human Rights 2012 12:6   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-12-6

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