Table 1

Selection of published research studies with Afghan, Kurdish, Iraqi or Iranian migrants, refugees or asylum seekers


Sampling strategy

Outcome variables

Study participants

Ahmad et al [6]

Random in collaboration with clan leaders for names. Mixed strategy with different groups

Post Traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms in traumatized children

78 Kurdish children in Iraq (45 Anfal survivors & 33 orphans), 66 Kurdish refugee children in Sweden & 67 Swedish children

Gerritsen et al [4]

Random by registered country of birth

General health, PTSD, depression & anxiety

178 refugees & 262 asylum seekers (Iranian, Afghan & Somali) in the Netherlands

Ghazinour, Richter & Eisemann [11]

Convenience - clinic patients and volunteers

Sense of coherence, coping resources & social support

100 Iranian refugees settled in Sweden (50 people in outpatient clinic & 50 volunteers)

Gilgen et al [9]

Convenience - All people presenting to Outpatient/General Practice clinic

Health interview for common health problems

36 Bosnian, 62 Turkish/Kurdish & 48 Swiss internal migrants in Switzerland

Hafshejani [12]

Small group convenience

PTSD & meaning in life

59 Iranian & Afghan males who have experienced war, now in Sydney

Husni et al [3]

Not stated

Satisfaction ratings of personal safety, health, employment, food, financial security, social life & entertainment

54 Kurdish refugees, 29 living in the UK & 25 in Canada

Ichikawa, Nakahara & Wakai [10]

All asylum seekers with two Non-Governmental Organisations

Assessment of post-migration detention on mental health

55 Afghan asylum seekers in Japan

Sondergaard, Ekblad & Theorell [7]

Every 4th refugee in group

Life events, ongoing difficulties & self reported health

86 refugees from Iraq (Arabic & Sorani speakers) in Stockholm

Taloyan et al [5]

Random from Swedish National Survey & Level of Living Survey data

Association between ethnicity, poor self reported health, psychological distress, sleeping difficulties & use of psychotropic drugs

Immigrant Kurdish men (n = 111) & native Swedish men (n = 1412) living in Sweden

Sulaiman-Hill and Thompson BMC International Health and Human Rights 2011 11:2   doi:10.1186/1472-698X-11-2

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