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Correlation of average department staff SAQ-scores to average department patient scores on (response scale 1–5) variables* "General satisfaction with hospitalization", "Maltreatment suspicion", and "Hospital work organization" (N = 6). *"General satisfaction with hospitalization" = "All things considered, were you generally satisfied with hospital treatment and care?" "Maltreatment suspicion" = "Do you feel that you were in any way maltreated (as far as you are able to judge)?" "Hospital work organization" = An index built from the answers to three questions: "Was it your impression that you were cared for by a permanent group of nursing staff?", "Was it your impression that one doctor were responsible for you?", and "Was it your impression that hospital work was well organized?".

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Deilkås and Hofoss BMC Health Services Research 2008 8:191   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-8-191