Table 2

Suggestions from Health Service Providers (HSP) on how to improve young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services
Thematic area HSP from integrated facilities HSP from youth centres
Health provider related improvements ▪ Improve staffing levels; appropriate staff deployment ▪ Improve staffing levels
▪ Train more staff in youth friendly approach ▪ Train more staff in youth friendly approach
▪ HSP training to include support staff ▪ Institute selection criteria for staff training
▪ Selection criteria for staff training agreed ▪ Ensure staff motivated
▪ Institute staff motivation and incentives such as certification, workshop attendance, recognition of good service ▪ Provide incentives for youth volunteers
▪ Motivation of youth volunteers ▪ HSP to conduct outreach education activities in the community
Service delivery related improvements ▪ Ensure availability of essential supplies, drugs, basic equipment for Antenatal Care (ANC) and Family Planning (FP) Services; pregnancy tests kits, FP commodities, HIV testing kits ▪ Ensure availability of essential equipment in ANC and FP
▪ Create adequate space to attend to young people ▪ Improve privacy of service provision
▪ Need for facility improvement initiatives such as having youth-specific rooms where youth can be served without needing to queue ▪ Have full-time services i.e. 24/7 opening hours, or at least daily
▪ Improve privacy in the consulting rooms ▪ Provide a wide range of services including ARVs, contraceptives, laboratory testing (e.g for STIs)
▪ Have youth-only health facility/area if possible
▪ Set aside youth only days at the centre once a month
▪ Introduction of pay-in service system for sustainability
▪ Ensure that educational materials are available. Have these in audio-visual formats
Young people related improvements ▪ Need forums that can bring young people to the facility – youth-related initiatives and activities ▪ Hold youth-related activities at the facility
▪ Have TV room with videos, library with education materials ▪ Have outreach activities to schools and churches
▪ Have youth activities at the facility such as games, pool table, computers ▪ Have more activities at the centre to occupy young people

Godia et al.

Godia et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:476   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-476

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