Table 2

Estimated behavioral health staff needed to serve adults and adolescents in 2010
Actual –2010 UDS Model results* Number of grantees Shortage**
Behavioral health patients
 Mental health 852,984 2,512,224 1,012 1,770,027
 Substance abuse 98,760 357,632 1,002 302,613
Behavioral health FTE 5,094 11,699 - 8,777
 Licensed mental health providers# 2,582 6,260 936 4,328
 Psychiatrists 394 982 998 748
 Other mental health staff 1,264 2,407 997 1,916
 Substance abuse providers 854 2,050 998 1,785

*Estimated number based on the model used by the authors.

**Calculated after subtracting out patients and providers in the small number of grantees treating more patients than our model would suggest. This implies that some health centers have patients with particularly high needs for behavioral health services or many patients treated for behavioral health did not rely on the center for other medical care.

# Psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and other licensed mental health professionals were grouped together for analyses as “licensed mental health providers”.

Burke et al.

Burke et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:245   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-245

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