Table 4

Respondents Knowledge and Attitude in Physical Activity Promotion
Variable Strongly Agree n(%) Agree n(%) Not sure n (%) Disagree n(%) Strongly Disagree n(%)
Knowledge of Physical activity message
Taking the stairs at work and generally being more active each day is enough PA to improve health 64(20.8) 123(39.9) 20(6.5) 91(29.5) 6(1.9)
Half an hour of walking on most days is all the exercise that is needed for good health 31(10.1) 109(35.4) 38(12.3) 102(33.1) 19(6.2)
Exercise that is good for health must make you puff and pant 12(3.9) 48(15.6) 31(10.1) 138(44.8) 74(24.0)
Several short walks of 10 minutes each on most days is better than one round of golf per week for good health 94(30.5) 119(38.6) 58(18.8) 30(9.7) 2(0.6)
Perception of role
Discussing the benefits of a physically active lifestyle with patients is part of the physical therapist’s role 202(65.6) 97(31.5) 5(1.6) - 3(1.0)
Suggesting to patients ways to increase daily PA is part of the physical therapist’s role 192(62.3) 102(33.1) 10(3.2) 3(1.0) 1(0.3)
Confidence in promoting Physical activity
I feel confident in giving general advice to patients on a physically active lifestyle 186(60.4) 111(36.0) 6(1.9) 4(1.3) -

PA = Physical activity.

Aweto et al.

Aweto et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:21   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-21

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