Table 7

Interpretation of the interaction between the association of deprivation and booking with a preferred doctor with emergency admissions, from the Access Survey and Demographic model
For each 1% absolute increase in %Able to book with a preferred GP For the ‘typical’ (median) practice with 580 EAs per year – the corresponding decrease in EAs Median value of ‘% Able to book with a preferred GP’ for each IMD Quintile
Deprivation quintile 1 (typically 6 IMD points) - Least deprived decrease of 1.2% in EAs decrease of 6.8 EAs 87%
Deprivation quintile 2 (typically 13 IMD points) decrease of 0.9% in EAs decrease of 5.2 EAs 87%
Deprivation quintile 3 (typically 20 IMD points) decrease of 0.6% in EAs decrease of 3.6 EAs 86%
Deprivation quintile 4 (typically 25 IMD points) decrease of 0.4% in EAs decrease of 2.4 EAs 89%
Deprivation quintile 5 (typically 40 IMD points) - Most deprived increase of 0.2% in EAs increase of 1.1 EAs 87%

EA = Emergency Admission.

Gunther et al.

Gunther et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:11   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-11

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