Table 1

Self reported participant variables (Patients)
Demographics • Age
• Gender
• Ethnicity
• Education level
• Marital status
• Number of children/custody status
• Legal status (parole, probation, pending charges, etc.)
• Years lived in Edmonton
• Living situation (house, shelter, street, etc.)
• Housing stability
• Income/assets
• Employment status
Health status • Presence of comorbid health conditions   (HIV, diabetes, etc.)
• Health status
• Vaccination status
• Presence of chronic pain/pain severity/pain control
• Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (depression screen)
• Generalized Anxiety Disorder-2 scale (anxiety screen)
Satisfaction / rapport • Presence of regular physician
• Number of visits with regular physician
• Disclosure of substance use to regular physician    (yes or no)
• Health Care Climate Questionnaire (short form)
• Alberta Physician Achievement Review    questionnaire satisfaction items
Substance use behaviour • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
• Drug Use Disorders Identification Test
• Stages Of Change Readiness and Treatment    Eagerness Scale
• Types of substances used
• Injection drug use status
Substance use treatment • Previous 6 month discussion re: substances with    health care provider
• Previous 6 month detoxification facility attendance
• Previous 6 month residential treatment facility    attendance
• Previous 6 month methadone maintenance    treatment program attendance
• Previous 6 month 12 step meeting attendance
Project feedback • Booklet use/usefulness
• Booklet insert use/usefulness
• Community consultant use/usefulness

Salvalaggio et al.

Salvalaggio et al. BMC Health Services Research 2013 13:108   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-13-108

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