Table 2

Shortlisted interventions from round two
Population Site Provider Test Median
50 years Optometry Practice Technician*/Optometrist NCT, SAP (multiple stimuli) and HRT 6
50 years Optometry Practice Technician* Icare tonometry, FDT, and disc photography 6
50 years VSC Technician* Tonometry (Icare or tonopen or NCT) and FDT 6
50 years VSC Technician* GAT, SAP and disc photography 6
50 years + risk score VSC Technician* Tonometry and rapid reproducible imaging or visual function test 6
50 years VSC Technician* NCT and FDT and HRT or GDx 5.5

* ophthalmic trained technical assistant.

Risk score - based on self identified risk factors by questionnaire sent to the screening cohort - including family history, black ethnic group, myopia or no prior visits to eye care services.

VSC – Vision Screening Centre.

FDT – Frequency doubling perimetry GAT - Goldmann applanation tonometry GDx - Scanning laser polarimetry.

HRT – Heidelberg retinal tomograph.

NCT – Non-contact tonometry.

SAP – Standard automated perimetry.

Campbell et al.

Campbell et al. BMC Health Services Research 2012 12:447   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-12-447

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