Table 3

Women’s utilization of primary health care facilities for maternal health services, September 2009 (N=725)
Maternal health services Frequency (no./%)
Family planning: Where did you obtain (current method) for the last time?
Health center 117(16.1%)
Health post 150(20.7)
Others 7(0.8)
Non current users and pregnant mothers 451(62.2)
Antenatal care: Where did you receive antenatal care when you were pregnant for your youngest child?
Health center 441(60.8)
Health post 163(22.5)
Others 9(1.3)
Did not go to a health facility 112 (15.4)
Delivery service: Where did you give birth for your youngest child?
Home 691(95.3)
Hospital 10 (1.4)
Health center 16(2.2)
Health post 8(1.1)
Post natal care: After your youngest child was born, if a health worker checked your baby, where did that check take place?
Your home 6(0.8)
Health post 10(1.4)
Health center 25(3.4)
Hospital 6(0.8)
Didn’t had check up 678(93.5)

Medhanyie et al.

Medhanyie et al. BMC Health Services Research 2012 12:352   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-12-352

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