Table 4

Dimensions of building capacity


Representative quote

Science and research

"Research is our major issue. We are getting farther and farther behind the rest of the world."

[Physician from Middle East/North Africa]

Skilled nurses

"We depend upon employing nurses from other countries to fill our needs. This hampers our ability to advance breast cancer care of our own people, by our own people."

[Surgeon from Middle East/North Africa]

Research infrastructure

"How can we do basic research when there will be no jobs for these PhDs upon completing years of study, or when for the same investment of their time and talents, they will find more lucrative jobs as physicians." [Researcher from Australia]

National statistics

"Without a long term commitment to developing data at a national level, we cannot develop the appropriate guidelines and policies appropriate to our own population."

[Physician from Latin American]

Public education

"Public education, especially on the importance of early detection, is key."

[Policy maker from Asia]

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