Table 1

CMS Nursing Home Compare Publically Reported RAI-MDS 2.0 Quality Indicators


Quality Indicator


Incidence of new fractures

Prevalence of falls

Behavioral and emotional patterns

Prevalence of behavioral symptoms affecting others

Prevalence of symptoms of depression

Prevalence of symptoms of depression without antidepressant therapy

Clinical management

Use of nine or more different medications

Cognitive patterns

Incidence of cognitive impairment

Elimination and continence

Prevalence of bladder/bowel incontinence

Prevalence of occasional bladder/bowel incontinence without a toileting plan

Prevalence of indwelling catheters

Prevalence of fecal impaction

Infection control

Prevalence of urinary tract infections

Nutrition and eating

Prevalence of weight loss

Prevalence of tube feeding

Prevalence of dehydration

Physical functioning

Prevalence of bedfast residents

Incidence of decline in late-loss ADLs

Incidence of decline in range of motion

Psychotropic drug use

Prevalence of antipsychotic use in the absence of psychotic and related conditions

Prevalence of anti-anxiety/hypnotic use

Prevalence of hypnotic use more than two times in last week

Quality of life

Prevalence of daily physical restraints

Prevalence of little or no activity

Skin care

Prevalence of stage 1 - 4 pressure ulcers

Hutchinson et al. BMC Health Services Research 2010 10:166   doi:10.1186/1472-6963-10-166

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