Table 2

Comparison of key studies which report on timing of commencement of enteral feeding during treatment
Citation Study population N Type and timing of tube placement Commencement of feeds (no. days after start of treatment) Outcomes
Nugent et al., Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 2010, 23(3):277-284 HNC treated with radical chemoradiotherapy requiring tube feeding 50 Prophylactic PEG (before start of treatment) n = 21 Range: 1–33 days Mean weight loss: −4.6%
Late PEG (during treatment) n = 11 Range: 14–30 days Mean weight loss: −8.7%
NG tube n = 18 Range: 10–34 days Mean weight loss: −8.5%
Raykher et al., JPEN 2009, 33(4):404-410 HNC with definitive or adjuvant chemoradiotherapy or radiotherapy requiring PEG 163 Prophylactic PEG (before start of treatment) n = 161 Mean 21 days PEG used by n = 160 (98%) due to severe dysphagia (mean duration of use 251 +/− 317 days)
Late PEG (during treatment) n = 2
Treatment interruptions in 7%
Strictures requiring dilatation in 12%
BMI optimised in obese/overweight patients through individual regimens
Scolapio et al., Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 2001, 33(3):215-217 HNC with definitive or adjuvant radiotherapy requiring PEG 54 Prophylactic PEG (before start of treatment) n = 41 Mean 10 days Mean wt loss 2.7 kg
Nil nutrition related admissions
Late PEG (during treatment) n = 13 Mean 23 days Mean wt loss 4.5 kg
Nutrition related admissions n = 4

KEY: HNC = Head and Neck Cancer; PEG = percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; NG = nasogastric tube; BMI = body mass index.

Brown et al.

Brown et al. BMC Nursing 2014 13:17   doi:10.1186/1472-6955-13-17

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