Table 2

Stages of the transtheoretical model
Description Interventions
1 Does not feel the need for change, denies the problem, has no interest in change Evaluate self-confidence, discuss the pros and cons of the behavior to be changed
2 Recognizes the problem, gathers information, does not take action Raise awareness
3 Decides to act, plans the change Discuss the pros and cons, help and guide the individual in his/her approach, remind of past successes
4 Applies new behavioral strategies Discuss the pros and cons of the change and provide positive reinforcement
5 Incorporates changes in own lifestyle Positively reinforce desired behaviors, remind of successes and recognize danger signs
6 Initial problem is no longer a temptation

Lemelin et al.

Lemelin et al. BMC Nursing 2012 11:12   doi:10.1186/1472-6955-11-12

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