Table 2

Focus Group Interview Guide

Focus groups were designed to answer the following questions regarding implementation of the guidelines.


    Adaptation and implementation of guidelines in clinical practice

1) Do you use the guidelines in practice?

2) Factors affecting the use of the guidelines

• By whom, how, and how frequently are the guidelines used?

• What are the challenges for implementing the guidelines?

3) Factors affecting non-use of the guidelines

• Why is it difficult to use the guidelines in practice?

• What factors affect the non-use of the guidelines?

4) What are the barriers for implementing the guidelines?


    Regarding the guidelines

1) Did you find the contents that you wanted or expected in the guidelines?

2) What aspect regarding the use of the guidelines was difficult to understand?

3) What advantages and disadvantages did you find in adapting the guidelines in practice?


    Strategies for implementing guidelines in practice

1) What strategies do you think were effective for applying the guidelines to individual patients?

2) What challenges and solutions do you think are effective for implementing the guidelines in practice?

Yagasaki and Komatsu BMC Nursing 2011 10:23   doi:10.1186/1472-6955-10-23

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