Table 1

Item no. Item description
1.SQ1 The PM-DSS is stable.
2.SQ2 The response time of PM-DSS is speedy.
3.SQ3 The data accessibility of PM-DSS is good.
4.SQ4 The effectiveness of PM-DSS security to prevent unauthorized access to patient data.
5.IQ1 The PM-DSS can integrate data from different sources.
6.IQ2 The information of PM-DSS is accurate.
7.IQ3 The content and its display format of PM-DSS can fulfill user needs.
8.IQ4 The information of PM-DSS is up-to-date.
9.IN1 If I heard that a new technology was available, I would be interested enough to test.
10.IN2 I prefer to use the most advanced technology available.
11.IN3 In general, I hesitate to try new information system.
12.CS1 I could complete the job using PM-DSS if I had never used a system like it before.
13.CS2 I could complete the job using PM-DSS if I had used similar system before PAIN MANAGEMENT DSS one to do the same job.
14.CS3 I have the ability to operate PM-DSS.
15.CS4 I prefer to use a PM-DSS for patient visit.
16.OS1 The employee should follow the clinical standard of procedures to complete clinical practice.
17.OS2 The employee could share his opinions with the supervisors and participate the decision processes in the pain management.
18.OS3 The duties and rights for the pain management were clarified in the work field and all were documented.
19.OS4 Greater degree of coordination achieved by grouping all those working on the pain management.
20.OS5 The clinical consultation problems would be resolved by many different ways.
21.OS6 There were champions for development of the PM-DSS.
22.OE1 The adoption of information technology in the hospital, which you serve, will be affected by medical policies.
23.OE2 The degree of competition among local hospitals is high.
24.OE3 The degree of computerization in our hospitals is high.
25.OE4 The requirement of patient care quality is high.
26.OE5 The organization provides enough funds to support the adoption of PM-DSS.
27.PU1 Using PM-DSS can reduce hospital patient care costs.
28.PU2 Using PM-DSS can improve work efficiency.
29.PU3 Using PM-DSS can improve patient care quality.
30.PU4 Using PM-DSS is helpful in assisting the collection and analyze of patient data.
31.PU5 Using PM-DSS can reduce the amount of time in paper work through PM-DSS.
32.PU6 Using PM-DSS can improve communication between physicians and hospital staff.
33.PU7 Using PM-DSS can improve patient safety.
34.PU8 Overall, PM-DSS is helpful in patient pain management.
35.PE1 Learning to use PM-DSS would be easy for me.
36.PE2 It would be easy for me to become skillful at using PM-DSS.
37.PE3 I would find it easy to get PM-DSS to do what I want it to do.
38.PA1 I am very satisfied with PM-DSS.
39.PA2 The PM-DSS functions perform as expected.

Note: SQ- System Quality; IQ- Information Quality; IN- Innovativeness; CS- Computer Self-Efficacy; OS- Organizational Structure; OE- Organizational Environment; PE- Perceived Ease of Use; PU- Perceived Usefulness; PA- PM-DSS Acceptance.

Hsiao et al.

Hsiao et al. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2013 13:16   doi:10.1186/1472-6947-13-16

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