Table 1

Summary of study constructs, data collection, analysis approaches and outcomes measurements by method (qualitative, quantitative)
Evaluation construct Data collected Tool/method Analysis
Reporting rates Provider reports to public health C ITS
Completeness Completed/missing provider report data fields C ITS
Comparison of completeness between S & E forms C PPC
Perceptions of completeness of pre-populated forms S/I QUAL/DESC
Accuracy Inaccurate provider report data fields C ITS
Comparison of accuracy between S & E forms C PPC
Perceptions of accuracy of intervention S/I QUAL/DESC
Timeliness Time between patient diagnosis & treatment C ITS
Time between between lab-confirmed diagnosis & report to public health C ITS
Comparison of timeliness between S & E forms C PPC
Perceptions of timeliness of intervention S/I QUAL/DESC
Burden Volume & duration of phone & Fax communications C ITS
Perceptions regarding reporting burden S/I QUAL/DESC
Data Quality Perceptions regarding quality of data in pre-populated reporting forms S/I QUAL/DESC
Form Enhancement Supplementary data & fields of value to public health FG QUAL/PPC
Benefits & Utility Perceived benefits & utility of intervention S/I QUAL/DESC
Adoption & Use Perceived barriers & facilitators to adopting & using pre-populated report forms S/I QUAL/DESC
Level of acceptance & satisfaction with intervention S/I QUAL/DESC
Perceived ease of operations S/I QUAL/DESC
Acceptability of interface S/I QUAL/DESC
Workflow Public health workflow observations O DESC
Reported impact of intervention on work & information flows S/I QUAL/DESC
Context Clinic demographics S/I DESC


C Census of public health report forms & data fields; DESC Descriptive Statistics; FG Focus Groups; I Semi-Structured Interviews; ITS Interrupted Time-Series; O Observations; PPC Pre-Post Comparison; QUAL Qualitative Data Analysis; S Provider Surveys.

Dixon et al.

Dixon et al. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2013 13:121   doi:10.1186/1472-6947-13-121

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