Table 8

HIS Client Applications
Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
OsiriX Mobile URL44[22,23,51,68] 2.0.2 ($29.99) iOS A DICOMm viewing program that is the client application for OsiriX PACSn. Standard DICOMm query and retrieval; views and processes DICOMm images; zooming, panning, rotation, windowing, and leveling; calibrated distance measurement; Oval ROIo measurements of area and density/signal intensity; image transfer.
MEDITECH URL45[20] N/A Web-enabled smartphone. Access patient record from MEDITECH EMRp system securely on smartphone using a Web browser Accesses clinical data including lab results, vital signs, intake and output, allergies, active medications, and documents (reports and notes).
PatientKeeper Mobile Clinical Results URL46[20] N/A Web-enabled smartphone. Provides access to patients’ clinical data from PatientKeeper EMRp using a Web browser Accesses patient list, patient summary, lab results, test results, medication list, clinical notes, problem list, vital signs, allergies, order status etc.; customizes workflow based on each physician’s requirements.
AirStrip OB URL47[23] 1.6(free, but needs to purchase and install Airstrip OB system) iOS, Android Provides access of hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit in the EMR to the Obstetricians from smartphone. Displays real-time and historical waveforms, HIPAAq complaint authentication login, displays the fetal strip and maternal contraction pattern information for an individual patient, access patient data, and zooming and scrolling chart images.

This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the four HIS client applications for healthcare professionals.

mDICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, nPACS: Picture archiving and communication system, oROI: Region of Interest, pEMR: Electronic Medical Record, qHIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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