Table 6

Literature Search Applications
Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
PubSearch URL35[51] 1.6 (free) iOS An application for medical literature searches from PubMed. Searches PubMed; display search results; sort by authors, title, journal or year; display article’s abstract; bibliographic entry.
PubMed on Tap URL36[41,42,56] 2.6 ($2.99) iOS A medical literature search tool for iPhone. Searches and displays reference information from PubMed; store references in a searchable personal library; email references from within the application; advanced search specifying search field and using logic operators; links to full text articles; remember recent searches; navigation between references.
MD on Tap URL37[50,55,57-59,63-65] 2.1 (free) Palm OS, Windows CE, Windows Mobile An application that retrieves MEDLINE citations through Internet connections. Searches using 3 search engines: PubMed, Essie, and Google; previous query history; save citations as text file; take notes; cluster search results; related articles; auto spell check; links to full-text article.
askMEDLINE URL38[45,60-62] (free) Web-enabled smartphone. A natural language query tool for PubMed/MEDLINE developed by the NLMf. Searches PubMed by entering natural language query; spell checker; handles query in the form of questions or complex phrases; MeSH speller available in “MeSH Speller + askMEDLINE” program that is an extension of askMEDLINE.
PICO URL39[45,60,62] (free) Web-enabled smartphone. A Patient, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome (PICO) search interface for PubMed/MEDLINE developed by the NLMf. Includes 4 text fields: problem, intervention, compare to, and outcome.
Disease Associations URL40[45] (free) Web-enabled smartphone. A search interface for case reports and review of reported cases in PubMed/MEDLINE developed by NLMf. Includes three text entry fields: (1) two text fields for sign, symptom, disease, condition, or procedure joined with AND operator, (2) one text entry associated with that disease, condition, or procedure.

This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the six literature search applications for healthcare professionals.

fNLM: National Library of Medicine.

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