Table 4

Drug Reference Applications
Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
Skyscape’s RxDrugsURL21[39] 1.1 (free) Android, BlackBerry, iOS An application that provides dosing guidelines for drugs. Includes thousands of brand-name and generic drugs and dosages; drug-drug interactions with multi-drug analyzer tool; access medications by indication, pharmacologic class or by generic or U.S. or Canadian brand name; integrated weight-based drug dosing calculators.
Epocrates URL22[11,39,40,43,50,51,53] 3.18 (free) Palm OS, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, Android A drug database application that is part of Epocrates Rx, which is a free product. Provides clinical information on thousands of prescription medicines; formulary information; identify pills by entering physical characteristics and imprint code; multi-drug interaction checker.
Medscape URL23[39] 2.4.1 (free) iOS, BlackBerry, Android A drug reference application for smartphones. Includes comprehensive drug reference, drug interaction checker, disease and condition reference and treatment guide, procedures reference, daily medical news and alerts, physician, pharmacies, and hospital directories.
SafeMed Pocket URL24[52] 2.0 Windows Mobile An application that provides access to data on all pharmaceuticals that are sold in Sweden. Contains drug listings from the FASS (an encyclopedia that is equivalent to American Physician’s Desk Reference, containing detailed information of the medicines that are licensed for sale in Sweden), ICD-10 codes, medical literature, and pharmaceuticals interactions.
FDA Drugs URL25[39] 1.8 ($2.99) iOS A tool that provides authoritative info for FDAc drug approvals. Includes 16,466 approvals for 25,881 drug products since 1939; free monthly updates; search generic drugs for brand name drugs and vice versa; search drug name and active ingredient; covers all drugs from the Orange Book; strength, manufacturer, FDAc approval date, package inserts (description, clinical pharmacology, etc.). URL26[39] 2.0 ($19.99) iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm OS A smartphone version of Frank Shann’s booklet on drug dosages for children and adult. Contains more than 2000 drug dosages for both children and adults; search by drug name; integrates PedCalc (pediatric score and formula calculator) and resuscitation dose calculator for children.

This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the six drug reference applications for healthcare professionals.

dFDA: Food and Drug Administration.

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