Table 5

Qualitative Assessment of Comprehensibility



Did you understand the purpose of the letter?

All The answers were yes

What was the study about?

6/10 were unable to describe the purpose of the study

Are there any words that you were unable to understand?

7/10 answered yes

Do you think that the document was clear?

Only the medical resident said yes

Were there any medical terms in the document?

10/10 said yes

How many times did you read the document

2/10 read it twice

What do you think about the length of the document

9/10 considered the document lengthy

The comprehensibility of selected consent form was qualitatively scrutinized with the help of ten individuals who had previously agreed to participate in the survey. Two nurses (N); two secretaries(S); three ambulance drivers (D); two social workers (SW); and one medical resident(R). Selected consent forms were given to read to these individuals after the sponsor's name and study drug(s) were blanked. Afterwards, the short questionnaire was handed out, and they were asked to answer all but the second question. Although, all answered that they understood the purpose of the study, when asked what it was about, only four answered correctly.

VerĂ¡stegui BMC Medical Ethics 2006 7:13   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-7-13

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