Figure 3.

Compiled the distribution of opinions towards the Austrian organ donation law in the different study groups and in the whole cohort. Unethical: The law cannot be ethically justified, it is unethical, as every human being should be able to decide by himself, if he or she wants to donate organs or not. An (active) donation register should be introduced. Good: The Austrian legislation is good, as more patients on waiting lists can be cured. Relatives: It is important to consider and accept the opinions of relatives, although the donation rates might decrease. Against will: Provided that potential organ donors did not choose the opt-out option during their lifetimes, it should be possible to retrieve their organs against the will of the relatives, as the intention of the deceased person is not reproducible anymore. Multiple answers were possible for this question, therefore the sum of answers is more than 100%.

Stadlbauer et al. BMC Medical Ethics 2013 14:32   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-14-32
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