Table 2

Views of Local IRBs Regarding CIRB Review

    Perceived Problems and Ambivalence Concerning Local IRBs

▪ Problems concerning local IRBs often recognized

▪ But general wariness of CIRBs, and support for local IRBs

    Perceived Advantages of Local IRBs

▪ Claims that local IRBs reflect community values

▪ Local knowledge of subjects

◦ Of vulnerable populations

◦ Therefore, easier to judge risks and benefits

▪ Local knowledge of PIs

◦ "Track records"/reputations

▪ Protecting "our own" subjects

◦ Perceived responsibilities to protect local patients

▪ "Curbside consults" with PIs

◦ Formal and informal

◦ Can facilitate mutual trust

◦ More dialogue

◦ Appreciation of local institutional culture

▪ Desires for local autonomy, authority, and comfort

◦ Against "being told what to do"

◦ Wariness of centralized, federal bureaucracy

    Perceived Problems with CIRBs

▪ Differences between CIRBs

◦ Depends on who are members of the committee

▪ For-profit CIRBs may have conflicts of interest

    Advantages of CIRBs

▪ Rarely acknowledged

▪ Streamlining work

◦ Saving Time

    Disadvantages of Local IRBs

▪ Discrepancies can arise due to:

◦ Institutional culture and history

◦ Personalities

    Local Members as Biased in Their Views of CIRBs?

    Other Possible Solutions

▪ More guidance

▪ More regional IRBs?

Klitzman BMC Medical Ethics 2011 12:13   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-12-13

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