Table 1

Participating birth cohort studies



Number, Start Date and Anticipated Length

Research Foci

Born in Bradford (BIB)


10,000 children

Recruitment began in 2007

20 years

infant mortality, congenital anomalies and childhood disability, low birth weight, postnatal growth, childhood obesity and insulin resistance, environmental health risks (diet, water and air), renal disease, poverty, ethnicity and health, mental health

Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development Study (CHILD)


5,000 families

Recruitment began in 2008

At least six years, likely longer

investigate the roles of indoor and outdoor environmental exposures, infections, nutrition, genetics and psychosocial factors in the development of allergic diseases, including food allergies, eczema, allergic rhinitis and asthma

Copenhagen Prospective Study on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC)


411 children

Recruitment began in 1998

Clinical outcomes comprise pre-asthma, asthma, non topic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, allergy, lung function and bronchial responsiveness

Generation R


9778 mothers and their children

Recruitment began in 2001

Until adulthood

Growth, development and health from early fetal life onwards to adulthood; physical and mental outcomes, environmental and genetic outcomes

Etude Longitudinale Fran├žaise depuis l'Enfance (ELFE)



Recruitment to begin in 2010 (pilot study completed)

At least 20 years

Childhood development and impact of various factors (e.g. family structure, social and physical environment, education, nutrition) on physical, psychological and social outcomes to adulthood

National Children's Study

United States

100,000 children

Recruitment began in 2009

Will follow from birth to age 21

Influence of environmental and genetic interactions on child health and development

Ries et al. BMC Medical Ethics 2010 11:4   doi:10.1186/1472-6939-11-4

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