Table 3

Average score of criteria that may negatively affect the acceptance of an applicant to residency programs in Kuwait, 2011
Rank Criteria Score*
1 Received disciplinary action in medical school 3.83
2 Received failure in a required clerkship 3.54
3 Took extended time to graduate for academic reasons 3.47
4 Spent a long period after internship to apply for a residency program 3.10
5 Graduated in the lower third of class 2.98
6 Received a failure in a preclinical course 2.84
7 Had family responsibilities 2.27
8 Did not participate in extracurricular activities during medical school 2.16

*Scoring scale:

5 = critically concerning; if present usually guarantee rejecting the applicant.

4 = very concerning; if present is likely used to reject the applicant.

3 = not very concerning; may be considered to reject applicants if there is a strong competition between applicants.

2 = rarely considered as concerning; rarely used to reject applicants.

1 = not a concern; not used at all in rejecting applicants.

Marwan and Ayed

Marwan and Ayed BMC Medical Education 2013 13:4   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-13-4

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