Table 1

Sutkin's categories and themes (number of descriptions out of 480 in total)
Characteristics Themes
Teacher characteristics Maintains positive relationships with students and a supportive learning environment (27)
Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching (18)
Is accessible/available to students (16)
Provides effective explanations, answers to questions, and demonstrations (16)
Provides feedback and formative assessment (15)
Is organized and communicates objectives (14)
Demonstrates knowledge of teaching skills, methods, principles, and their application (12)
Stimulates students' interest in learning and/or subject (12)
Stimulates or inspires trainees' thinking (11)
Encourages trainees' active involvement in clinical work (11)
Provides individual attention to students (10)
Demonstrates commitment to improvement of teaching (10)
Actively involves students (10)
Demonstrates learner assessment/evaluation skills (7)
Uses questioning skills (4)
Stimulates trainees' reflective practice and assessment (4)
Teaches professionalism (4)
Is dynamic, enthusiastic, and engaging (3)
Emphasizes observation (2)
Other (5)
Physician characteristics Demonstrates medical/clinical knowledge (30)
Demonstrates clinical and technical skills/competence, clinical reasoning (28)
Show enthusiasm for medicine (19)
Models a close doctor-patient relationship (10)
Exhibits professionalism (8)
Is scholarly (6)
Values teamwork and has collegial skills (6)
Is experienced (3)
Demonstrates skills in leadership and/or administration (2)
Accepts uncertainty in medicine (1)
Human characteristics Communication skills (21)
Acts as role model-other (15)
Is an enthusiastic person in general (14)
Is personable (12)
Is compassionate/empathetic (11)
Respects others (11)
Displays honesty/integrity (10)
Has wisdom, intelligence, common sense, and good judgment (6)
Appreciates culture and different cultural backgrounds (6)
Considers others' perspectives, viewpoints (6)
Is patient (4)
Balances professional and personal life (4)
Is perceived as a virtuous person and a globally good person (4)
Maintains health, appearance, and hygiene (3)
Is modest and humble (3)
Has a good sense of humor (3)
Is responsible and conscientious (3)
Is imaginative (3)
Has self-insight, self-knowledge, and is reflective (2)
Is altruistic (2)
Other (12)

Kikukawa et al.

Kikukawa et al. BMC Medical Education 2013 13:100   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-13-100

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